GFSI konferencija o sigurnosti hrane 2013.

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GFSI0GFSI - Globalna inicijativa za sigurnost hrane organizirala je u Barceloni od 06. do 08. 03. 2013. konferenciju naziva "Global Food Safety Conference". GFSI je međunarodna neprofitna organizacija koja promovira poboljšavanje sustava sigurnosti hrane, tako svake godine organizira konferenciju o sigurnosti hrane. Na konferenciji je sudjelovalo preko 1.000 sudionika iz cijeloga svijeta. Svrha konferencije je povezivanje proizvođača, trgovaca, potrošača, nadležnih tijela, certifikacijskih i akreditacijskih tijela i svih ostalih koji su zainteresirani za sigurnost hrane.

Tema ovogodišnje konferencije je ˝Sigurnost hrane u  globalnoj ekonomiji˝. Konferencija je trajala tri dana, predavači su bili najveći stručnjaci iz područja sigurnosti i kvalitete hrane. Konferencija je bila prigoda za razmjenjivanjem znanja i iskustava različitih sudionika u prehrambenom lancu. Na konferenciji su se također mogle saznate najnovije informacije iz rada Globalne inicijative za sigurnost hrane.

Program konferencije:
6th MARCH - DAY 1
8:00am  Exhibition Area Open
9:00am - 12:00pm  GFSI Stakeholder Meeting
The GFSI Stakeholder Group is an international forum open to any interested food safety professionals. You will be updated on the activities of GFSI over the past year and have your opportunity to influence the strategic direction of GFSI. *All those who register to attend this meeting will receive further information via email.
12:00pm Official Opening of Exhibition Area
12:00pm Welcome Lunch for All Delegates, Exhibition & Networking Area
2.00pm - 5.20pm Plenary, Food Safety in a Global Economy, Moderator: Frank Yiannas, Vice President, Food Safety, Wal-Mart, USA
2:00pm Welcome Address - Food Safety in a Global Economy, The way we get our food from farm to fork has become increasingly complex. This session will provide background and context for the theme of the entire conference. Speaker: Mike Robach, Vice President, Corporate Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill, USA
2:30pm Video: “Food Safety in a Global Economy” – Sponsored by 3M
2:35pm GFSI & Its Role in the 21st Century Food System, This session will provide an overview of the role that GFSI has played in ensuring safe food for consumers everywhere over the past year, highlighting its achievements and today’s opportunities. Speaker: Yves Rey, Corporate Quality General Manager, Danone Group, France  and Global Food Safety Initiative(GFSI) Chairman, France
3:00pm Globalisation and its Effects on Food Safety
In many countries, consumers are concerned about imported food. Does globalization result in food that is less safe or, on balance; does it result in safer food? Come hear a unique perspective on the globalization of the food system and its link to food safety. Speaker: Michael R. Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, The Food and Drug Administration, USA
3:25pm Coffee Break - Exhibition & Networking Area
4:10pm Reducing the Global Burden of Foodborne Disease
The global burden of foodborne disease is too high. The WHO estimates that each year1/3 of the global population, 2 billion people, become ill due to contaminated food.  How do we accelerate the reduction of foodborne disease in countries around the world? Speaker: Angelika Tritscher, Acting Director, Department of Food Safety and Zoonoses, WHO, Switzerland
4:35pm The Global Food System in Uncertain Economic Times
We have all seen in recent years how rising food prices can cause political turmoil and civil unrest.  How is the current economic crisis affecting the world’s food supply, food production, agricultural investments, and what are the long-term implications to being able to provide safe and affordable food. Speaker: Robert L. Thompson, Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, USA
5:00pm - 6:30pm Close of Session and Welcome Cocktail
6:30pm Exhibition & Networking Area

7th MARCH - DAY 2
8:30am – 9:30am Sponsored Breakfast Sessions
1 - Sealed Air Diversey.
People Power - Nurturing talent to drive economic value creation. Motivating your team through the transfer of knowledge in new and innovating ways can deliver value to your business. Learn from a range of experts through practical case studies on how and why they are succeeding in creating value for their business by investing in people. Introduction: Catherine François, Global Risk Management Director, Sealed Air, France. Moderation: Werner Linders, Director Diversey Consulting Europe, Sealed Air, Belgium
Speaker: Joe Smithwick, Retail Food Safety Manager, CP-FS, Target, USA, Rachid Hassairi, Global Hygienic Sanitation and Transformation Program Leader, Heinz, The Netherlands, Marie-Paule Nowlis, VP Quality Process Guest Experience Sofitel EMOA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
2 - DNV Business Assurance
The world of supply chain management
How do food companies see their supply chain risks and what tools do they use to manage them? We surveyed our customers on how they create value by managing their supply chain. Together with Kraft Foods, Heinz and Cargill, we will analyze the results, learn from their experiences and explore where we, as an industry, are heading. Moderator: Stefano Crea, Global Director, Food and Beverage, DNV Business Assurance, Italy Kathleen Wybourn, Director, Food and Beverage, US & Canada, DNV Business Assurance, USA
Speaker: Dave Calvin, Associate Director Quality Programs and Government Affairs, Heinz North America, Mark Overland, Director Global Certification, Cargill, USA Dave Wankowski, Food Safety and Quality Audit Director, Kraft Foods, USA, Len Heflich, Director Food Safety, Quality and Crisis Management, Grupo Bimbo, Mexico
3 - LRQA
Safer Food Packaging for Better Business - Gallo Glass & LRQA  followed by an FSSC 22000 update from the Foundation for Food Safety Certification Chairman Producing safe packaging for safer food is not only a requirement and the right thing to do, but it can result in better business.  Come hear a real-world case study from Gallo Glass and LRQA on how a process-based approach to management systems implementation and certification has not only improved the safety of their packaging, but has also enhanced quality, productivity and opened up access to other customers and markets. This session also features an update on FSSC 22000 from Cor Groenveld, the Chairman of the Foundation for Food Safety Certification. His update will include the latest on the integration of packaging and animal feed into the certification scheme. Moderator: Andrew Smith, President, LRQA Inc., USA
Speaker: Sukhveer Sandhu, Senior Manager, Quality & New Product Development, Gallo Glass, USA Cor Groenveld, Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services, LRQA and Foundation for Food Safety Certification, Chairman, The Netherlands
4 - TraceOne
Private Label Quality Management: Information from multiple sources
As the supply chain extends across international boundaries and products are sourced from further and further afield, retailers and manufacturers are taking ever more complex steps to manage product quality. Not only does product integrity need maintaining, but international regulations have to be accounted for. This presentation will showcase how Walgreens manage information from multiple sources to protect their products and brand in a global supply chain. Moderator: Jérôme Malavoy, Founder & CEO, Trace One, France
Speaker : Alain Turenne, Director - Product Integrity, Walgreen, USA
9:45am – 11:05am Plenary Session: Global Connections & Networks, Moderator: Bill Mc Bride, Managing Director, Foodlink Management Services, Australia
9:45am Video: “Food Safety – Global Leaders' Perspectives” – Sponsored by 3M
9:50am Tools for Monitoring Global Food Safety
In an era of globalisation, food safety incidents in one part of the world can become global events at record speed.  There is a need for systems that monitor food safety incidents locally and alert other countries globally.  This session will highlight developments in the creation of global monitoring and alert systems. Speaker: Declan Naughton, Professor of Biomolecular Science, Kingston University London, UK
10:15am PulseNet International – Global Foodborne Disease Detection. With increasing international trade, food produced in one country can be consumed far away from where it was produced.  Therefore, a foodborne illness linked to food may first become apparent many thousands of miles away from where the food was orginally sourced. This session will provide an update on PulseNet International, a network of national and regional laboratory networks, dedicated to tracking foodborne infections worldwide. Speaker: John Besser, Deputy Chief , Enteric Diseases Laboratory Branch, CDC, USA
10:40am Global Food Safety Networks – A Manufacturer’s Perspective. As a global company with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, having a network to share information and detect emerging issues is critical.  This session will provide a global manufacturer’s perspective on the importance of networks in today’s interconnected world as well as highlight some industry best practices. Speaker: Richard Stadler, Group Expert Chemical Food Safety, Nestec Ltd. (Nestlé), Switzerland
11:05am Global Food Safety Networks – A Retailer’s Perspective
As a global retailer with stores and suppliers all over the world, having a network to share information and detect emerging issues is critical.  This session will provide a global retailer’s perspective on the importance of networks in today’s interconnected world as well as highlight some retail industry best practices Speaker: Mariano Rodriguez Moya, Director of Quality and Sustainable Development, Carrefour, Spain
11:30am - 12:00pm Coffee Break
Exhibition & Networking Area
12:00pm - 01:45pm Plenary Session: Local to Global. Moderator: Marc Cwikowski, Director, Food Safety and Supplier Quality, Global Quality & Product Integrity, The Coca-Cola Company, Belgium
12:00pm Video: “Local to Global, a Roadmap to Safer Food and Market Access” – Sponsored by 3M
12:05pm Is There Such a Thing as Locally Produced Food?
In an interconnected world, even locally produced food can result in international events.  Is local food a misnomer? (Example:  cucumber farmers in Spain by the German E.coli crisis.  Local sprouts result in illnesses in many different countries due to travel). Speaker: Valentin Almansa, General Director Health Agricultural Production, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment, Spain
12:30pm The Impact of Developing Food Systems on Global Food Safety: The Chinese Example. The Chinese government is making efforts to improve the population health when it comes to food safety. Yet there have been recent outbreaks and incidents. This session will outlined the specific challenges faced by China and how the industry can help overcome them. Speaker: Zaotian Wan, Vice President, COFCO Corporation, China
12:55pm Safer Food for Better Business
Producing safe food is not only a legal requirement and the right thing to do, it can also result in better business. A real-world case study from a food manufacturer on how their efforts to reach certification by a GFSI recognized scheme has not only improved the safety of their food, but also enhanced quality, productivity, and opened up access to others customers and markets. Speaker: Ivan Baez, Food Engineering, Eman, Chile
01:20pm Regulatory Equivalence: Thinking Globally, Working Locally States and countries have differing food safety regulations causing companies to navigate a patchwork of varying requirements.  In a global food system, we must move away from regulatory differences towards a more harmonized system of global equivalence.  Speaker: Tom Heilandt, Senior Food Standards Officer, Codex Alimentarius Commission, Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards. Programme, Rome, Italy
01:45pm - 03:00pm Delegate Lunch
Networking Area
03:00pm – 4:30pm Breakout Sessions 1-3
4:30pm – 5:00pm Coffee Break
Exhibition & Networking Area
5:00pm – 6:30pm Breakout Sessions 4 - 6
6:30pm     Close of Day 2
7:30pm Departure to Official Conference Dinner

8th MARCH - DAY 3
08:30am – 09:30am Sponsor Breakfast Sessions
10:00am – 11:30am Breakout Sessions 7 - 9
11:30am – 12:00pm Coffee Break hosted by Kroger
Exhibition & Networking Area
12:00pm – 01:50pm Plenary: Food Safety 2020 – The Future. Moderator: Mike Robach, Vice President, Corporate Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill, USA
12:00pm New Public-Private Regulatory Paradigms for the 21st Century. Panel discussion of regulatory leaders from various countries and regions of the world about the need for greater collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance food safety. Panel Speakers:Hans Beuger, Senior Public Health Officer Food Safety, Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), The Netherlands Neil Bouwer, Vice-President of Policy and Programs, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada Terry Donohoe, Head of Strategy and Policy, Chemical Safety Division, Food Standards Agency (FSA), UK Nuri Gras, Executive Secretary of the Chilean Food Safety and Quality Agency, Chile Zhigang YANG, Deputy Director, Registration Department, CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration), China Michael R. Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, The Food and Drug Administration, USA
12:30pm Video: “Delegate Perspectives on the Global Food Safety Conference 2013 in Barcelona” – Sponsored by 3M
12:35pm Beyond Benchmarking - The Future of GFSI
With new and emerging food safety challenges on the horizon, how will GFSI play a role in addressing future food safety challenges?  This session will provide an insightful discussion and call to action for GFSI to move beyond traditional benchmarking. Speaker: Hugo Byrnes, VP, Product Integrity, Royal Ahold, The Netherlands
01:00pm Identification of Future Food Safety Risks
Food safety is in a continual state of change, due to the emergence of new foodborne pathogens, changes in population demographics, and new food production technologies.  How do we, as a profession, better anticipate new or unknown food safety risks? Speaker: Terry Donohoe, Head of Strategy and Policy, Chemical Safety Division, Food Standards Agency (FSA), UK
01:25pm The Other  Inconvenient Truth, A Potential Global Crisis of Food, Land, & Water
As the international community focuses on climate change, are we ignoring a more pressing crisis related to food, land, and water? A fascinating discussion on the future of food, land, and water and it’s implications to food safety with a final “call to action.” Speaker: Jonathan Foley, Director, Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University of Minnesota, USA
01:50pm Close of Day 3

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